What I do genuinely doesn’t feel like work, I love it, and you’ll get that vibe when you meet me. Weddings are always great celebrations, and they should be enjoyed with laughter, fun, love and of course great banter. If you cry at the bottom of the aisle, who cares? Good for you. If it rains, what does it really matter? Enjoy the company of your family and friends and let me capture the moments that unfold. To get a real feel for the images I capture take a look at my portfolio, also note that if you want to see my most current work then check out my blog, a few of my favourites are featured below so be sure to look at them too…

It’s a massive cliché I know, but the best wedding photography is ALL ABOUT capturing people in the moment. Sometimes your guests won’t even notice I’m there at that moment. As a general rule I don’t set up scenarios to look good, I’d rather let your guests make their own fun and I’ll capture it as it happens. At the same time, if I see some of your friends being a bit silly, I’m going to encourage the sh*t out of it. Occasionally I’ll have a request or an idea and of course I’ll make it happen. Thing’s like “Can you get a shot of me and lads with our cigars?” or “we’d love a night time silhouette of us” If you’ve got a quirky idea, let me know what you want and I’ll worry about the best way to capture it.

It's your wedding day, I’m not going to dictate instructions on how to do it. It’ll pass by in a flash, and there'll be a tonne of little moments that come and go before you even realise they've happened. It's these moments that I love to capture, along with the dancing and party games that come with it! No wedding is the same, and it’s down to my experience at anticipating these moments as well as occasionally being part of them that gets you the best possible wedding photo collection you could imagine.

I shoot weddings all over the UK and I love to travel so if you’re thinking about going abroad let me know. I’ll travel anywhere on earth. Now go and have a look around, send me an email or if it’s easier, just give me a call on 07788313512.

Taking bookings for 2019 & 2020. East Midlands based but serving the whole of the UK and abroad.

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