Newborn & Baby Photo Shoots

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Natural photographs are my favourite, I don’t do those highly styled ‘baby in a basket’ photos, purely because you can spend an hour getting one or two shots - I much prefer to capture your baby more naturally, so when you look at the collection as a whole you’ll have an amazing selection to choose from, celebrating your new addition(s) in all their glory.

Take a look below and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. Natural and timeless.

How does it work?

You’ve just had a newborn baby, I understand the emotions and the logistical challenges that can bring (I’ve got three little ones, and had three under 5 at one point!) The shoot can be done in your home at a time that suits you - in fact, most of the newborn shoots I do take place in their own home. I do have a studio you can come to in Bingham if you’d like though. I honestly find that mid morning tends to be the best time, just after a feed so baby is relaxed, but of course whatever time of day works best for you. The photo shoot will last approx 90 minutes, but can be anything between 1-2 hours. This will give you time to break up the shoot with plenty of cuddles. The photos then spend a bit of time in post production (one week max), after which you view them and choose which ones you want. Simple! On average there will be between 25-35 photos to choose from.


The photo shoot costs £99 (payable on the day or upfront) and includes 5 digital photos to choose from the collection

Additional Digital Photos:

Total of 10 High Resolution Digital Images - £170

Total of 15 High Resolution Digital Images - £235

Total of 20 High Resolution Digital Images - £285

Total of 25 High Resolution Digital Images - £325

Additional Digital Images over 25 - £10 each

For prints, frames and canvasses please speak to me direct