Lisa & Rory's Norwood Park Wedding Photography

Elston Church & Norwood Park, Southwell

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The Morning & Bridal Prep

I arrived in Elston at about 10.30 and the girls were giddy, I mean you could tell there was some serious excitement in the air. It wasn't long before hair and makeup were paused for a glass of Dom and with an exchange of gifts from Lisa to her crew time simply flew and before we knew it, it was time to get the dress on! We set aside 20 minutes for some fun photos in their back garden before I darted off to meet Rory and the boys at the church.

The Ceremony

Lisa walked the 10 minute walk from home to the church with her dad. A lovely opportunity to offer some words of wisdom, or maybe just to have a laugh and embrace all the excitement leading up the the ceremony. She didn't keep Rory waiting for a second, and we  had a couple of lovely readings from their close friends. I'm in love with the confetti shots we got outside the church after the ceremony, take a look below and see what you think!

The Reception

Everyone left the church together on the bus and arrived at Norwood Park in Southwell around 2pm. Norwood Park is stunning, incredible house, beautiful grounds and in the evening they use the gallery to host the dinner and evening reception. The bubbles were flowing when everyone arrived and we captured some fun group shots (see the one of the groomsmen) before heading through to dinner.

The Speeches and Evening Party

Norwood Park not only prides itself on an amazing setting but the organisers promise superb service and quality food, and today was no exception. After dinner there wasn't the traditional sequence of speeches, oh no, far from it! Lisa's father spoke pre dinner, then after the desserts there were speeches from not only the Groom and the Bride but also the Bride's sister before the best man. I enjoy the speeches, they're often my favourite part of the day and these speeches were brilliant. It's not often you hear such heartfelt words, genuinely delivered. They had them recorded too which means they can enjoy them again and again over the years to come. We actually took a 20 minute time out after dinner to get a few shots of Bride and Groom. The weather was threatening to rain all day, and did at times which meant we hadn't until now had a real opportunity to get some great one on one shots. We headed out (to rain) and used the honeymoon suite in Norwood House to capture some gorgeous photos of them both as well as Lisa's dress.

As you'd expect with such a young and vibrant couple, the evening brought many more guests and a ton of dancing, of course they did the cake cutting and a very chilled first dance but it wasn't long before the dancefloor was buzzing.

Congratulations Lisa & Rory, a very special day!

The Photos