Tuscany - An Aerial Film

Tuscany from the air

I spent a week in the Tuscan hills in July 2016 and knowing the reputation of the Tuscan scenery I took my Phantom 4 with the intention of creating a short film using just the drone.  I wasn't interested in packing all my gear, such as tripod and sliders. I had enough to lug around as it was.

The whole point of the film was to test the quality of the Phantom 4, both it's flying capabilities as well as it's image quality.  I've pushed the footage in the grade quite far and depending on what monitor you're watching it on and after YouTube compression you may or may not see some artifacts, particularly in the natural gradients. There's no need to look out for them, just enjoy it for what it's meant to be - an exploration of some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe.

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality of the footage, especially on the master version I have and on my 4K screen. I certainly can't see any colour sampling issues on the master. I used a ND16 filter to give some motion blur in the bright environment. Without the ND filter, the fixed aperture of f2.8 meant the shutter was at 2000th/sec at the least. with the ND filter I could expose properly at closer to 100th/sec.

The drone flies with amazing stability and the advanced flying features (all of which are used in this film) give incredible results.  If you're thinking about getting one, I can't recommend it highly enough.  Plus, it's easy to travel with!

Shot in July 2016, it's very sad to know that towns just like the ones featured have been destroyed in the recent Italian earthquake in and around Norcia - just 150 miles away from San Giminano.

Shot in 4K over 3 days on the DJI Phantom 4

Locations: San Gimignano, Casciana Terme, Collemontanino, Morrona, TerricciolaAzienda Agricola Castelvecchio

Shot on the Phantom 4  |  Edited in Premiere Pro CC  |  Graded with Lumetri  |  Sound Design and Foley with Rode NTG3 and Zoom H4n |  Music: "Integrated" by Adrian Walther - Courtesy of Soundstripe

Make sure you watch it in 4K. Headphones or good speakers recommended