Wedding Day Tips

After shooting just over 100 weddings and working with all our beautiful brides and grooms you learn so much about how to help the day run as smoothly as possible, without taking over the proceedings. It's your day, you choose what you want and how you want to do it, but when we meet I'll be happy to suggest ideas, consider alternatives and offer real experienced guidance with what works, and what doesn't. Remember though, at the end of the day it's your wedding, I'm here to capture it not control it, so let's have some fun and make some great memories.  

Here are a handful of great tips to consider when planning your big day!



Embrace the Unexpected

There are certain things that cannot be controlled and it’s best to just roll with it… so whether that’s unexpected rain or forgetting that necklace you’ve been planning to wear, don’t spend time worrying about it. There will be so many amazing moments on your wedding day that you didn’t anticipate so whatever the unexpected throws at you, and there will be something, just roll with it.

Rain might mean that we have to do your group shots indoors, but it doesn't mean we can't get creative outdoors with the two of you!

Dan Lambourne Photography

wedding invitation

Send us an invite and Include us on the Guest List

There’s two great reasons for this - it gives us an opportunity to capture the invitations before hand, rather than rushing a quick snap on the actual day, it also ensures that your venue can feed us at the best possible time (rather than at the end of the meal when you’re about to start your speeches). Food is fuel and with all that dancing ahead of you, you’ll want us to be able to keep up!

Hair & Makeup

As you start to put together your wedding day schedule ask your hair stylist and makeup artist an estimated time frame, then add on 30 minutes to ensure when the time comes to put on your dress it isn’t a rush.

Bridal Makeup Artist

Putting on your dress

What time do you put on your dress? Too early and you’ll be in it for longer than you’ll want to be and too late and you’ll not have enough time for any photos before the ceremony. A good guide is have 20-30 minutes ready in your dress before you leave for your ceremony. So if your ceremony is at the same venue as your morning preparations and your ceremony is at 1.30pm you’ll definitely need to be in your dress for 12.45pm. Earlier if you have to travel to your ceremony!


Confetti is ALWAYS a good idea. We love it. The more the merrier! However, don't expect your guests to bring it. It's definitely worth buying a stash for your ushers and bridesmaids to handout after the ceremony. Whether it's two lines where you walk down the middle or everyone gathered round you and 3, 2, 1... I always love getting the confetti shot!

Indoor Receptions

The more lighting the better, especially uplighting, it makes for far more interesting photos. If you’re hiring your own lighting for the venue speak to your supplier about colour changing LEDs. Reds, Purples and Blue work really well, green lighting with skin tones not so much. If your venue or band / DJ are supplying the lighting, ask them what lighting they’ve got. The more the merrier. If you’re struggling to get hold of some I can help you with this.

Tent / Marquee Receptions

Marquee receptions are amazing for flash lighting but you should also consider hanging some coloured lanterns or festoon bulbs from the ceiling. Fairy lights also make for a great affordable alternative. Speak to your marquee company for more advice. Again, when discussing lighting think about the colours you want. Lots of candles on the tables make for amazing backlighting too.

Outdoor Receptions

Outdoor receptions are always great fun, there’s nothing like dancing under the stars. They are however the trickiest reception to light and I would highly recommend hanging fairy lights, festoon bulbs or coloured hanging lanterns from as many places as possible, certainly around the dance floor. Without having these as backlights your photos will just have a black background (unless there’s a late sunset)