HELLO, I'M Dan...

Thanks for your interest in our work, if you're here then you must be pretty close to booking your photographer or cinematographer for your wedding. Get yourself a cuppa and have a look around the website to get an idea of what we produce for our amazing couples. Being a wedding photographer and videographer in Nottingham is great because there's easy access to most of the country, we're generally within a couple of hours of everywhere, including London, Birmingham, Derby and Leeds. Go a little further afield and you get to Liverpool, Manchester, Coventry and Norfolk. Travelling is no issue for us, in fact we love shooting new venues.

Here's a picture of me playing with some levitation photography techniques, not an easy task I have to say, slightly risky too I might add! I'm a father of three awesome but really noisy kids and husband to my incredible wife. I love creating albums (whether it's digital or conventional) that my couples will love forever, I pride myself on my ability to unobtrusively support each and every couple on the lead up to and through their Wedding day. I remember giving my speech like it was yesterday, you'll appreciate the experience on your day!

Choosing the right photographer

How do you choose the right photographer for your Wedding? Ultimately the first thing you should be drawn to is the style of photos you want in your final collection, you might like really clean, bright and vivid, or you may prefer the vintage faded film, low contrast look. But whatever your preference it's also really important to meet, so you know exact who you're booking. Remember your photographer will spend a lot of the morning with the Bride and Bridesmaids so you'll want someone who you feel comfortable getting ready around whilst you enjoy your morning with friends and family, you don't want someone stressing or bossing people around.


As you would expect - I hold full public liability insurance.